With Shore-to-ship power supply, ferries cruise and container ships in Ports can shut down their auxiliary engines while berthed and plug into an onshore power source, therefore cutting emissions into the surroundings of cities and Ports and enabling compliance with EU and IMO environmental regulations.

We can deliver on a turnkey basis all the necessary electrical and automation infrastructure for the seamless transfer of power from shore-side source to ship, in a secured manner and in compliance with IEC/IEEE 80005-1 Standard and Class Register rules.

High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) power solutions are many since different ships must be specifically customized in order to meet Class Register requirements and IEC/IEEE 80005-1 Standard, therefore being able to connect to shore power in any port of the world.

We have supplied different solutions for many retrofits and new builds, starting with surveys on board, system studies, design and calculations till the procurement of necessary equipment, project management, installation, testing and final commissioning.

Here below a typical scheme of a HVSC System:

The main equipment to be designed and installed on board are:

Shore Connection switchboard with standardized sockets and plugs (up to 12kV – 20MVA)
HV/LV transformer with pre-mag (for LV ships)
HV or LV breaker for the connection to ship’s receiving Switchboard
HV and LV power cables installation and testing
Automation and safety infrastructure for the management and control of a secure and seamless power transfer
Tensioners for power cables reaching the ship from shore side

We can take care of the full package, interfacing with Owner and Class during the design phase and studying customized optimal installation for Owner’s operation needs: during normal navigation, during dry docks and also divided into more than one step to minimize operational interference.